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Deck Painting FAQs

Common questions and answers for exterior structures and deck painting jobs.

We can paint any outdoor structure that is made of wood and in good condition, including desks, railings, docks, pergolas, and gazebos.

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Like New Again

Decks, docks, and other outdoor structures take a lot of abuse from harsh conditions such as severe sun exposure, ice, snow, and years of foot traffic. 

Refinishing your structure can bring back the original beauty of the wood and make it look new again for years to come.

Deck Painting Process

  • Get Free Estimate

    We begin our free estimate by evaluating your project, getting the specs as well as briefing you about recommended paint types. If needed we can do minor repairs to your structure as well.

  • Pick Color & Product

    At this point, you'll decide on colors and products. We provide a color wheel to ensure your vision is accurately brought to life. Once products are selected we'll send an itemized estimate—that's good for one year!

  • Prep, Paint, & Clean

    To begin the job, we prepare the space sanding off the existing finish and repairing small blemishes. We then prime the area before hand-rolling the stain of your choice. Afterward, we clean up like we were never there.