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Cabinet Painting FAQs

Common questions and answers for cabinet painting jobs.

What Kinds of Cabinets Do You Paint?

We only paint wood cabinets that are in good condition—with the exception of oak cabinets due to the heavy grain. We will evaluate your cabinets in person to see if they are eligible for refinishing.

What Type of Paint Do You Use on Cabinets?
When Will I Receive the Itemized Estimate?

We will evaluate your cabinets in person and if eligible for refinishing, you will receive an itemized estimate typically within 1-2 business days.

Our base price starts at $75 per drawer and $100 per door.

What Preparation Is Necessary Before I Have My Cabinets Painted?

We ask that you please remove important items from cupboards and counters prior to our arrival. We will then mask off the room, counters, and furniture for protection.

How Does Refinishing Cabinets Work?

Refinishing cabinets is a detailed job requiring patience and precision to assure a good end product.
We start by removing all doors and drawers and setting up a spray booth, typically in the garage or any room with a window, and vent it outdoors to create a safe place to work.
We then mask off the room, furniture, counters, and floors where cabinets are being refinished.
We go through a process of degreasing, sanding, and priming, followed by a day of drying before we again lightly sand and apply several thin layers of lacquer. We repeat the process until we reach the desired finish.
Lastly, we reinstall all doors and drawers, clean-up, and leave you with a transformed space!

How Long Will Does It Take to Paint Cabinets?

Depending on the size of your project, refinishing cabinets typically takes 5-7 days to complete.

blue paint

Fresh New Look

Simply refinishing your cabinets can give your space an entirely new look and feel. Modernize your home with cool white and grey tones, or go bold with big color. 

Creating the space of your dreams is easier than ever!

Cabinet Painting Process

  • Get Free Estimate

    We begin our free estimate by evaluating your cabinets and discussing your vision. The goal is two-fold, obtain the specs needed for your estimate and educate you about recommended paint products.

  • Pick Color & Product

    At this point, you'll decide on colors. We provide a color wheel to ensure your vision is accurately brought to life. Once products are selected we'll send an itemized estimate–that's good for one year!

  • Prep, Paint, & Clean

    To begin the job, we prepare the space by protecting your home's floors, furniture, and other items. We will set up a protected booth to safely treat your cabinets before sanding, priming, and lacquering in the color of your choice. Afterward, we clean up like we were never there.